You have much to learn young Padawan—er, Special Master

There are a lot of funny legal words that a lot of laymen don’t quite understand, but we’ve got our fun, epic names too. Judge isn’t all that epic…unless you’re the Supreme Court Justice. That’s epic. Attorney, Lawyer, stuff like that though, they don’t really strike fear into the hearts of men and women. Unless the world knows for damn SURE you’re guilty.
So what’s to save this facet of government from boring titles? Enter Special Master!
What they do isn’t exactly as cool as it sounds, but I’m kind of a Star Wars guy myself, so I can imagine something cool going down when these characters get together. You might be asking “What the hell is a Special Master?”
Teach you, I will. (Yes, Yoda reference, forgive me).
Special Masters are experts in the field of Family Law, and they are the “go to folks” when shit gets hairy. They’re the old man (or woman) at the top of the mountain that has all the answers. When a third party opinion is necessary, and the Family Law attorney can’t seem to get matters settled on his own, he gets in line with all the other questioning Family Law Attorneys to meet these gurus.
Family Attorneys and their parties meet (and this is where I imagine cool things going down) once a month at “Special Master Sessions”, where they are given the opportunity to present their case to one male and one female Special Master. It’s like they’re entering some majestic temple where they will be bestowed with the wisdom required to carry about their grand journey…through the legal system.
It seems a bit extraneous, but a staggering eighty percent of cases that are presented to Special Masters are being settled without a trial, which makes the parties (and the Judges) very happy.
Maybe one day I could be a Special Master…
A young Family Law Attorney can dream, can’t he?