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Cooperative Birthing

Our law firm’s division, Blessed Outcomes International, specializes is arranging Cooperative Birthing, which is new affordable and much better alternative to traditional gestational surrogacy, adoption and high-priced IVF treatments for older couples.

Adam Sacks, the senior attorney at the law firm, has a new book being published shortly (which will be available on and fine book stores everywhere) entitled “How You Can Have Your Own Baby at ANY Age.” It discusses new breakthrough possibilities for childless couples and those wanting more children.

In the past, childless couples and those wanting more children had only the following 4 options: IVF, adoption, US surrogacy and surrogacy abroad. Each of these has its own pluses and minuses:

IVF (in-Vitro-Fertilization):

IVF works for many younger couples but not work for everyone. IVF’s effectiveness goes down dramatically for couples above 35 and IVF produces poor results for couples where the woman is over 40. Tens of thousands of couples spent up to $100,000 dollars each over the years trying to conceive and yet have nothing to show for it. Cooperative Birthing offers couples a very high chance to have their own child thanks to its “Guaranteed Success or Full Money Back.” Not every couple is accepted into the “Guaranteed Success” program, but the vast majority of the couples will qualify. See our lawyers for details on the qualification criteria.


Adoption is a good choice for many couples but has it’s own inherent problems which many couples are simply not willing to accept. Some of the objections to adoption which we hear from parents are:

– No genetic link to the child.

– Many couples prefer a child to look like them (for example, be Caucasian).

– Only 140,000 adoptions are done in the US each year versus the 3 to 5 million couples considering adoption (so very few children available to be adopted vs. the amount of couples who would like to adopt).

– Very few babies are available for adoption, it’s mostly older children potentially with unknown issues.

– Many children available for adoption have physical or mental challenges which many parents are just not able to accept.

– The process for adoption is very long, bureaucratic and intrusive into the privacy of prospective parents.

– Adoptions costs are typically $30,000 to $50,000 in the USA.

– Significant risks for children being taken back from adoptive parents for various reasons (the mother changing her mind, the biological father of the child re-appearing in the life of the biological mother claiming he never gave the permission for the adoption, and a variety of other reasons, as evidenced by a large number of such cases.


US surrogacy costs on the average $120,000 and so only the wealthy can afford this option. In addition, in the US, the surrogate mother can always change her mind and keep the baby and there are many cases of US surrogates failing to perform her duties under the contract and frequently there is no legal way to enforce a surrogacy contract.


Surrogacy exists in various countries around the world and has worked for some couples, but a lot of uncertainty clouds the practice:

– New legal restrictions in many countries exist when they used to allow the practice (for example, India, Nepal, Thailand and Mexico have now lately banned foreigners from doing surrogacy).

– Many clinics don’t offer the high standards for the surrogate and the child, which are expected by US couples.

– Many cases of dissatisfaction and no legal recourse for the couples due to being a foreign jurisdiction.

– Feeling uneasy in a new country with a lot of unknowns, corruption, plus language and cultural barriers.

– Lack of high quality egg donation choices from Caucasian donors in many countries, as many couples prefer their child to look like them.

Cooperative Birthing, the new affordable alternative to surrogacy, solves ALL these issues.

Now couples can have their own genetic child at virtually any age thanks to unique features of Cooperative Birthing, an ethical well-designed system where everyone cooperates with the couple in order to give them their own child in just over a year. The all-inclusive Cooperative Birthing system includes all the costs:

– “Guaranteed Success or your Full Money Back” program fee included *

– Include all the legal fees and all the paperwork.

– Agency fees are all included.

– Included are the fees paid to the Cooperating Mother who is happy to cooperate with the Commissioning Parents without all the risks, which are inherent in US surrogacy. All the Cooperating Mothers are very well taken care of and all use the best prenatal dietary supplements from the US such as Rainbow Light Prenatal vitamins, Critical Omega fish oils, etc. All the Cooperative Mothers, who are all educated and many with college degrees, are not just eager to cooperate with our law firm and the Commissioning Parents, all young and in perfect health, have had extensive screening for all sorts of problems, both physical and mental, and all of them already have at least 1 child of their own. The candidates not just in great health but are not smokers, drinkers or drug users of any kind and are extensively tested before accepted into the program. There are four times as many candidates as are accepted as Cooperating Mother, which allows us to make sure that the Commissioning Parents receive a trouble-free experience unlike what is frequently the story with US surrogates.

– The Cooperating Clinic’s fees are all included and the Cooperating Clinics we use are all modern high-standard clinics and with regard to results attained, better they’re better than many IVF clinics and surrogacy centers found in the United States.

– All the accommodation and food are included. Our own translators, facilitators, etc. all work to make the process as easy as possible for the Commissioning Parents. Our law firm has an office in the countries where we run our Cooperative Birthing programs to make this process much easier than it would have been otherwise.

– Less than 1/2 the cost of US surrogacy!

– Low monthly fees spread over many years, no need to make large payments.

– Clients are not subject to the political, business or other risks with the countries abroad because of the special systems our law firm put together to ensure the client’s money is safe and yet the Cooperating Clinic and the Cooperative Mother are happy and get exactly what’s promised.

– We make sure that all aspects of Cooperative Birthing are highly ethical and all the parties cooperate with one another fairly and equitably, all in order to arrange for the parents new baby genetically linked to them, in as short of a time frame as possible

– Quick process and headache-free where the law firm takes care of virtually everything needed to arrange everything required and make the clients feel comfortable in an otherwise complex process. The couple can hold the baby in their arms in as little as 1 year!

– The couple donates the sperm and/or the egg to a clinic which analyzes these for all sorts of problems. An egg donation is common and all the fees associated with these are included in the cost of the program. Large database of Caucasian egg donors is available. Other nationalities are also available. The average donor is tall, attractive and has a university or college degree.

– All the doctor fees are included.

– Many other benefits, please talk to our attorneys for more details.


Cooperative Birthing offers couples the ability to have their own child or children thanks to it’s “Guaranteed Success or Full Money Back.” Not every couple is accepted into the “Guaranteed Success or Full Money Back” programs, but the vast majority of the couples will qualify. See our lawyers for details on the qualification criteria.

Our law firm arranges all aspects of Cooperative Birthing for our clients (both married and non-married couples are welcome). Unfortunately, only heterosexual couples are currently allowed into the program because of the restrictions our law firm faces from the government rules in various countries. However, LGBT community members can be serviced with higher-priced similar programs administered from a US jurisdiction.