Litigation Lawyers

Litigation lawyers are the lawyers that deal with bringing a case through the court process. They litigate on behalf of a client or defend a client if a lawsuit has been filed against them. They work for a contingent fee which means if they do not win they do not get paid, so they usually though have some charge the client has to pay before hand. Many people who see lawyers go to litigation lawyers to get started in the legal process. Seeing one of these lawyers you can get advised in what to do and who to go to in your next step. There are many types of litigation lawyers that deal with certain cases and guiding them through the court process.

As stated there are many types of litigation lawyers for different types of cases. Mainly though they deal in a lot of personal injury cases against big and small companies, and this seems to be the litigations lawyers’ top niche. Some lawyers work alone while others have a team in which they then file the lawsuits to companies for their clients. The types of litigations are:
Civil litigation
Criminal litigation
Medical Malpractice litigation
Divorce litigation (to dissolve the marriage to not have it exist at all on record.)

Picking any type of lawyer is important. With ligation, lawyers it is no different, yet a bit different depending if you are a defendant or a plaintiff. The litigation process can be very long and tedious which can cause a lot of stress, and you may be out to win, win win. It is best to have a game plan and how much you are willing to fight. Always talk it over with your lawyer first.