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Family Law

The Law Offices of Adam Michael Sacks proudly represents its clients on Family Law matters. Sadly going through a divorce is a reality for many people today. One of the most important decisions to be made is your choice of attorney. You need an attorney who is willing to listen and be compassionate and understanding but also someone who is a fighter for your rights.
So many things need to be handled and the Law Offices of Adam Michael Sacks is ready to be your advocate to help you win in the divorce game.

For me customer service is the most important thing. It is almost a comic statement today for people to talk about being unable to reach their own lawyer. My goal is to be responsive and committed to my clients. I know this is a really upsetting situation for anyone to have to deal with and I make it my business to do my very best for each of my clients and to treat them right. Where to start? Do not assume anything. Do not sign anything.
There are two typical reactions. Those who think the world has ended and that all is lost and those that think their divorce is going to be friendly and amicable and are scarcely worried. Usually both views are wrong. It’s not a catastrophe, but likewise it is not easy for anyone. The important thing is to hire a good lawyer to look out for you and your rights.

Too often people are emotional and not thinking clearly and end up making terrible choices under pressure or because they think they must. Many well-meaning people also give bad advice. Remember, every situation is different and that is why you need a competent attorney to give you professional advice. You have to consider your children’s needs, child custody, child support, alimony, division of property, sale of the family home and many other factors. At my office we look out for our client’s needs first and foremost.